Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My First Necessity

At First I was thinking that I would be fine having my washer and dryer in the garage and accessing them from the door on the back patio, but as the weekends rolled on and the laundry piled up the project list was adjusted to accommodate installing a door from the house to the garage.

Our house has a wall that connects the house to the garage but for some reason in the 1950's they didnt see it necessary to have a door conecting the two so we decided to install one and we had the perfect place to do it....

Here is the photo of the wall before:

This project was going to be the first encounter with building materials from the 50's.  In homes now a days builders use drywall or sheetrock but back when our home was built they used a product called button board.  Rock Lath AKA button board replaced the original wood laths and plaster. As Peter soon discovered it was a very dense material.  Several cement blades later and a house filled with cement dust he was able to get through one side of the wall and then realized that he was only half way, not to mention the electrical that you see in the photo that needed to be re-routed.

Since this happened several months ago (I know I am terrible at keeping up on my blog) I forget where I was but I remember coming home and there was a giant hole in my house.

The only other thing he had to do was to install a stair of some sort so that there wasn't a suicidal death drop from the level of the house to the garage.  That was easily remedied with some 2x4's and some plywood

Needless to say the door has come in amazingly handy and all is well in the world.  My laundry days although sparse are much easier.

Thanks for following and here are some of the during and after photos!!!!  

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